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Welcome to Repair Services Nordics

We specialize in the reparation of wireless products pertaining to the telecom and health sectors. Because we stock original parts and phone casings for most of the products we repair, we can return your equipment completely refurbished, “as good as new”. We are, in fact, the only company in Europe in possession of the original casings for certain products. We seek to tailor our services to the specific needs and demands of our clients. Finding solutions to complex problems, and locating parts not readily available on the open market, is something we enjoy doing on your behalf.


Product range

Our range of products keeps expanding. You will find a list of the brands we most commonly repair below.

Various manufacturers allow us to purchase original spare parts directly from them. Even for companies which do not, however, it can be very worth your while to let us repair their products for you, as the price difference can be substantial. We value both new as well as old devices which may have been taken off the market. Customers who do not (yet) plan to invest in new multitrack chargers, power adaptors or accessories, or are seeking to avoid or postpone software upgrades, may find that having us refurbish their old system is a very cost-effective alternative. Why spend 175 Euros or more on a new product when we might be able to refurbish your older system for less than half the price?


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Given that repairing is our business, the fact that we are fans of environmental sustainability will not come as a suprise. We try not to discard any repairable devices; besides being environmentally friendly, this often proves to be less expensive for the customer as well. We carefully sort our “waste”, which is then passed on to various firms which specialize in the recycling of these materials.


Our reliable partner for the collection, reuse, maintenance, refurbishment or recycling of batteries and other materials.






We work internationally, and have company representatives who speak the local language in a number of European countries. Currently all products in need of repair are shipped to our repair center in Venray, The Netherlands.

About Us

On November 1, 2015, we registered in The Netherlands as an independent company. Before that we were known as KPN Repair, part of KPN’s Corporate Market Section, Health Care. When KPN, the national telephone company of The Netherlands, decided to sell its repair and refurbishing devision, Repair Services (RS) Benelux was founded to take over this service.

We are an enthusiastic team, convinced that we can offer our clients superior service at a lower the cost with respect to business (DECT or VoWifi) devices. We seek to do this in a client-friendly manner by offering our customers sustitute machines while their own are being repaired, as well as dealing with warranty issues. In the course of the past year we have worked hard to improve and expand both the scope of our services as well as our product range. As an independent company we are able to focus on that which we do best: repairs. Although we do seek to provide support for both foreign and local manufacturers, reparation is the core of our business.

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